Tibetan weaving traditions are all about colors, textures and materials. Tibetan carpets are traditionally known for their wide range of colors that combine beautifully into a harmonious whole. In traditional Himalayan carpets, elaborate designs are rare. The patterns may be simple, but the rich textures and the sophisticated materials give the rugs their individualistic character and charm.


Throughout the world, Tibetan wool is the only wool available that is not industrially processed. It retains all the natural microelements indigenous to the Himalayan region creating unparalleled depth of color and luster of yarn.  Only handspun silk, mohair, and handspun wool from Tibet, can create such an unforgettable tactile experience. A decision was made not to compromise the natural integrity of the textures with elaborate designs-in this case, less is truly more.


This collection is well suited for contemporary designs.  It is probably the most versatile type of carpets since it pairs with traditional styles as well. Tibetan carpets are both comfortably plus and richly natural.