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Based on European and Ottoman influences, this truly distinct style of floor covering was created in the Balkans.  It’s beautiful and unusual styling is due to the overlapping of plush European French patterns, and the flat Oriental kilim style of weaving.


Considered by many to be more of a folk craft than an art, this type of weave was neglected for the better part of the 20th century.  However, J.D. Staron has always appreciated this handsome and charming style of carpet.  The grand scale patterns, the strong yet graceful weave, and the soft colorations inspired Staron to design a collection of flat and pile pieces that brought back old Bessarabian and Ukrainian designs within the context of current stylistic trends.  The collection is a special work of art with a unique character.  Often thick, rough, textured, chunky, and bold, these rugs are stylish yet casual.  The designs are often floral, with elegantly drawn motifs and colors in soft palettes. The Bessarabian Ukrainian collection is versatile and attractive and manages to create an enduring classic sense of elegance.




Max Width:


Fiber Content:




Production Time for a Rug up to 10’x14’: