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Absolute Amazement

When I walked up to the second floor for the first time, I think I stood there motionless in absolute amazement for at least half an hour.

Unicorns in Paris!

There is a place, a magical place, hidden away in the upper floor of a small boutique in Paris with almost two hundred years of existence. Deyrolle is a modern-day cabinet of curiosities. This place is a well-kept secret. Should you walk by the boutique, or even on the ground floor, you would never imagine the unexpected treasure trove hiding just above your head on the second floor. 

Specialized in Taxidermy and entomology, Deyrolle is filled with fascinating creatures, both real and imagined. 

It is certainly a must-see! It has been an inspiration for countless artists. From Salvador Dalí to Woody Allen to Ken Fulk.

I would love to spend a night there...

At Deyrolle's you will find all kinds of curiosities...

From insect collections to a large Rhinoceros to flying Owls. There is also an extensive and fascinating collection of books for sale on natural history. Deyrolle's collections are a unique source of inspiration for artists and collectors alike or even an interior designer who is looking for something really unusual and uniquely beautiful. 

Deyrolle is a genuine source of inspiration.

It is a destination for lovers of natural science and for all curious people. Not only can you visit their marvelous collection for free, but you can purchase something from the exhibits should the desire strike. What Deyrolle does well, is keeping alive the memory of these animals.


*All animals meet animal trade and the endangered species act. These animals died of natural causes.


46, rue du Bac - 75007 Paris, France

+33 (0) 1 42 22 30 07

Contact Boutique:


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