Quick Ship
Exquisite rugs delivered in record time.
Signature Collections
The epitome of our brand. Transcending the limits of our craft.
Pure Silk and Himalayan wool hand knotted heirlooms.
Moroccan Vibes
Textures Inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs.
Antique Reproductions
Gems from the archives of woven history revived and reinterpreted for contemporary interiors.
Abstract Collections
Aesthetically driven creations woven in the finest materials.
Texture forward masterpieces with personality.
Tufted Collections
Timeless luxury of fine yarns enhanced by the speed and precision of modern technology.
Flatweave Collections
From timeless kilims to modern geometrics, flatweaves are a perfect canvas for woven art.
Solid Textures Collections
Solid rugs allow the beauty of the fiber to take center stage.
Natural Fiber Collections
The unique variations in natural materials make each rug a singular treasure.
Leather & Hides Collections
Soft, rugged leather and hide rugs bring unexpected texture and timeless style to any space.