ICFF 2022

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair

ICFF 2022 was such an exciting event to be a part of.  We were able to showcase so many different projects. JDS x VGP collection of area rugs features the clean and playful geometric motifs created by Very Gay Paint,  a popular mural studio founded by LA comedians Nicholas Sheppard and Jenson Titus. 

Not only did we have our new Brushstroke and Glow, but we also had our collaboration with Interior collab, which are so happy they were able to see their concepts come to life. 

This year's ICFF was really a memorable one!

Interior Collab with Jakub Staron and Scott Maltzman. 

Scott Maltzman from our NY Showroom, Jakub Staron, Molly Maffei from our LA Showroom