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With the fleeting charm of the whole world, one would be surprised how present it still is in machine weaving.

Lost jewels of the Industrial Age.

Whether it is in Europe, the US, or in Asia, the power looms of the old times are still present and working hard. I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of factories where old looms are still in use. 

It is an unforgettable experience. Those old machines made out of wood and cast iron seem to work as hard as the people who operate them. The experience of seeing those machines is as tactile as the fine fabrics they still make. 

In the search for authentic old technologies. We went even further. As a textile-making technician, I have learned how to make a carpet on looms made in the 1900s. They were beautiful handmade wooden jacquard looms that could very well belong in a museum and were so tiny, only about 1m wide. The idea stayed with me for all those years. If only we could replicate the seemingly irreplaceable beauty of old hand-loomed jacquards...


JD STARON hand-looms in India.

Well...we did. We have built the biggest hand-operated jacquard looms in the world. Using 18th-century technology, virtually unchanged except for some obvious modifications. We now operate authentic Jacquard looms of unprecedented width of 6.7m (22ft)! 

JD STARON is capable of making the biggest continuously woven hand-loomed jacquard carpets in the world. Approximately 22' x 100'

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