We grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn's waterfront. In an environment rich with history, energy, and style; all of which are elements we bring to our work. Williamsburg is a place that molded newly arrived immigrants working hard designing and creating goods by hand and taking great pride in their labors. We want to revive the spirit of real craftsmen and the pride that comes along with it. We are New Yorkers, it means we dream big and work hard, and at the same time, we are conscious of our place in the world and are humbled by it.

We make our carpets with passion and pride, we stand by our work. We want to create the most remarkable collection of rugs, carpets, and fabrics ever attempted. We dream of sharing our creativity, skills, and talents globally. We source the most unusual materials and combine them with our innovative weaves in order to create fabrics for the most discerning interior designers and architects.



Life, fashion, and art are inspiring, but when you get to a small village in Nepal your perspective changes. You are able to see the hand-dyed yarns and all the different colors at your fingertips there is nothing more inspiring than that. You just want to weave and weave. In our work, we try to combine the traditions, history of arts, and weaving with a contemporary sensibility and latest trends. We believe there are no limits to creativity, beauty, and craftsmanship. We want to bring this passion to the world of textiles and interiors.


I have been weaving since I can remember. I started studying textile-making in high school. Eventually, it became my life long passion and an inseparable part of who I am today. My dream always was to introduce artistry and creativity to commercial weaving. I think I have succeeded because J.D. Staron has become synonymous with innovation and creativity for luxury carpets.

Now I would like to bring the approach of limitless creativity to the field of hand-made fabrics. Along with the artistry, I want to revive the spirit of real craftsmanship and the pride that comes along with it. I want to make our fabrics with passion and pride and produce textiles that are among the best in the world.



We are American designers, we are French textile experts, we are artisans in Nepal. We share a dream of combining our knowledge and experience to create the most remarkable collection of rugs ever attempted.

We work with the most experienced weavers, in some of the most remote communities of the world. They weave our rugs with passion and pride. We are old friends and partners, a family of craftsmen. We spend a lot of time together, and whether some of us are weavers, or designers, or managers, we all have one goal in mind – to make the finest and most creative fabrics possible. Together we strive to introduce our work to new generations, so the craftsmanship of weaving is perpetual.


Aloe, angora, wool, alpaca, raw silk, linen, mohair, and jute are some of the finest natural materials. We find the best examples of these fibers and pair them with the most creative and experienced craftsmen. Then we use those fine materials and ancient methods of hand-weaving to create works of modern craftsmanship. We work with real craftsmen, people who make their livelihood by taking pride in making beautiful things. Our partnership is based on real friendships and a bond that works to our mutual benefit.

We are convinced that the professional design community will respond to this level of exquisite craftsmanship, and they will see how it can be an element of the finest projects. It is rare that this sort of handwork appears in a commercial setting. We are glad that we can help to make it happen – for the weavers and for the design professionals.



We love our beautiful planet. We are very conscious of the environmental problems we all face. We try very hard to play our part in the preservation and conservation of resources. Most of our products are made by hand with minimal usage of resources and fuels. By directing personal involvement, we ensure our partners operate with the highest ethical standards. We give back to the communities we work with, by supporting education and developmental programs when and where possible.