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J.D. Staron is a luxury rug and carpet company creating bespoke floor coverings through a blend of centuries-old craft techniques and a decidedly more modern aesthetic vision. And the man behind its success is Jakub Staron, a painter and weaver whose design studio was the humble start from which the company grew nearly twenty years ago.

As a child growing up in Poland, Staron attended an art school where he studied weaving. He later moved to New York to continue his studies, enrolling at Parsons School of Design in order to study painting, and found work on the side repairing antique carpets in restoration workshops. Those skills he was amassing would eventually lead him to start the company he heads today.


Weavers. Designers. Artists.

We view every project as a partnership - a collaborative effort to develop our client’s vision and create something truly bespoke. Seeing our designs find their way into the most luxurious settings around the globe is exciting but working closely with our clients and bringing their visions to life is truly exhilarating.


Jakub Staron

Jakub D. Staron is the co-founder and a creative force behind JD Staron, LLC and Rebel Carpets, two premier floor covering companies.  Earning a masters in both fine arts, and textile making, uniquely positions Jakub to be a leader and an innovator in this ancient industry. Jakub is a weaver, designer and an artist, who masterfully blends together historic weaves and styles, with his own creative techniques, unconventional materials and concepts, in order to both honor and break the traditions, and continuously deliver an impressive stream of designs and textures. 


Jakub has been weaving since he was 15.  He started studying textile-making in his native Poland, and while the rest of his formal education was focused on modern art, specifically painting, eventually it was weaving, that became his lifelong passion and an inseparable part of who he is.  Jakub is personally committed to traveling to remote areas of the world in search of the best weavers and craftspeople working today, still learning, but also teaching and influencing, and bringing new ideas to today’s market.   Jakub places value in putting people first, believing that if management is passionate and mindful, creative masterpieces will follow. 


Jakub blends his unique expertise and gift as an artist, with a dedicated work ethic and vision, that has transformed one design studio into nine showrooms servicing an international community of designers and architects who are proud to offer their clients authentic, exquisitely designed, and expertly made product. To Jakub Staron rugs are not just utilitarian objects in a room, they are works of art.

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Gosia Staron

Gosia Staron is the co-founder and a managing partner of JD Staron, LLC and Rebel Carpets.  After obtaining an MBA from Stern School of Business, she started her career as a management consultant and a project manager, while supporting her husband in pursuing his dream of creating a design studio for the most exquisite carpets and rugs.   Her career allowed her to gain understanding and experience in all aspects of running a business from marketing to operations, and this experience allowed her to later focus on growing JD Staron from one design studio, to a network of showrooms, and later a distribution company.


Gosia is a visionary in her own right.  JD Staron’s focus on creativity and product development is unbreakable, but it requires focus and direction, mixed with an overall mission to continuously innovate, while remaining conscious of the market needs and making an impact with our mills and weavers.  Gosia believes their company has a unique insight and understanding of the developing world, and is committed to promoting social and enviromental responsibility. 


While Gosia is a mathematician at heart, always checking with her rational brain, she is involved in all aspects of the business, and provides guidance and direction for the companies as a whole.  It is her mission to educate the design community on what it takes to make a carpet, and the impact each piece has on the artisans and their families, and to ensure we can continue with this amazing art.

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