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Adair Soumak White Angora Rug

The Adair Sumak collection is undoubtedly the softest carpet ever made. The White Angora yarns we have used to manufacture this collection have not been used outside the high fashion industry until now. Because floor coverings must withstand higher standards of durability, our yarns have been specially blended and spun to be as strong as they are beautiful. 

Adair Sumak - 64466

SKU: 64466
  • Construction:

    Handwoven Sumak

  • Fiber Content:


    *Any exotic yarn can be replaced with regular New Zealand Wool

  • Max Width:


  • Sample Production Time:

    4-6 Weeks + Shipping

  • Rug Production Time up to 10'x14':

    8-10 Weeks + Shipping

  • Custom Colors:

    Limitless Colors Available

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