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Very Gay Paint Logo

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the talented and creative duo behind Very Gay Paint. We love their uniquely Very Gay aesthetic: their designs, deftly combining retro motifs, geometric shapes, bold sweeping lines, and landscapes, manage to be both clean and playful—and with our technical expertise and vision, we have translated them into a beautiful collection of rugs that are sure to bring color, levity, playfulness, and unbridled joy into your spaces.

“While we’ve long specialized in murals on the vertical plane, at Very Gay Paint, we believe that the floor is the gayest wall of the home, and we find it to be grossly under-celebrated. That’s why we’ve spent the past year interviewing floors around the world. Hearing their unique stories has allowed us to gauge their needs in a way we never could anticipate, and we’ve found a persisting undercurrent from each floor we spoke to. The floors are, predictably, gay. All of them. More unpredictably, however, we found that many floors are frustrated at having been left cold and bald for, sometimes, their entire lifespan. Cold and bald is no way to leave a floor. That’s why we’ve launched this incredible collaboration with JD Staron to provide incredible wigs (they keep insisting we call them rugs?) for floors. These rugs celebrate the warm, rich tones of hairstyles we know and love, with graphic tributes to their waves and curls. We hope your gay floors love their gay wigs. We are doing god’s work here.” – Very Gay Paint

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