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Onyx - 28827 - Design#7B - 14354

Motivated by the wonders of Mother Nature, Jakub Staron was inspired to go to his drawing board and reinvent the naturally striking qualities found in marble, granite, and onyx. The result of his artistry is the Onyx Collection. It combines the extraordinary designs, patterns, and colors of minerals, and cleverly positions them on Nepalese hand-knotted rugs. The unusual blending of handspun and machine-spun wool and silk along with the shearing process that is done by hand, yield a grainy, rich, luscious texture. 

Onyx - 28827 - Design#7B - 14354

SKU: 28827
  • Quality:

    Hand Knotted

  • Material Content:

    Tibetan Wool and Silk

  • Max Width:


  • Rug Production Time up to 10'x14':

    16 Weeks + Shipping 

  • Custom Colors/Designs:


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