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ICFF 2023


ICFF 2023


This year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair was held May 21st through 23rd at the Javits Center in New York, and it was a fantastic experience! JD Staron was awarded a 2023 ICFF Editors Award in the carpet and flooring category. We are so proud of our team's hard work to make this a second consecutive successful ICFF.


The ICFF Editors Awards are one of the design industry’s premier accolades. Entries are judged by editors from invited design media, who tour the trade fair floor and deliberate to determine the best of the best in categories spanning from accessories to outdoor furnishings to booth design.


We were ecstatic to unveil our latest collection, Pure. This assortment of organic designs is completely chemical-free, hand-knotted, and hand-washed. Lisbon, our newly revived handmade needlepoint collection, was represented with a modern graffiti-inspired rug that left a lasting impression. This is just a small glimpse of the amazing new collections on display.

ICFF 2023

The Peregrine collection is a fast production line of high-quality rugs designed for those seeking a stylish floor-covering solution. Peregrine is imbued using premium, durable yarns that withstand dirt and debris. With a diverse range of patterns, colors, and textures, there is something to suit every taste. We fashioned classic methods with 21st-century innovation to create an astonishing array of options. 

Beautiful Natural Fibers Delivered at Lightning Speed!

These rugs are crafted quickly and efficiently without sacrificing attention to detail or the finished product's durability. With a 9’x12’ production in as little as eight weeks, this quality is curated for those working on a project with time restraints.

From Zero to Delivered In As Little as 8 Weeks.

Peregrine Rug

A Falcon

Introducing Peregrine Collection

Peregrine Poms
Peregrine Texture
Weaver at work
Peregrine Group Shot
Peregrine Story
Needlepoint Rug Production

Needlepoint Has Been Around
Since the Dawn of Civilization

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used small, slanted stitches to sew together canvas tents. In 17th century Florence, needlepoint embroidery developed into upright flat stitches laid out in numerical patterns creating elaborate motifs called Bargello. This needlepoint style is similar to what we would see on contemporary fabrics and floor coverings. However, needlepoint embroidery is in decline due to the rise of fast fashion and the prohibitive costs of producing tedious, hand-stitched textiles. 


Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug

Introducing Our Exclusive

Handmade Needlepoint Collection, Lisbon

We are reviving needlepoint embroidery here at JD Staron, using this nearly forgotten technique in the floor-covering industry; each rug is meticulously crafted, making a statement in any room. These rugs are designed and created with a mix of textures and colors, giving each rug a distinct personality with deep roots in history. This needlepoint technique allows for intricate details and precision, making these rugs one-of-a-kind works of art. 


The Lisbon collection is a curated selection of unique, visually striking designs applied on carefully re-created historic textures handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

Lisbon Group Shot
Lisbon Collecton
Lisbon Collecton
Lisbon Collecton
Needlepoint Story
Alpaca Story

Alpaca yarn is incredibly soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. 

Alpaca Rug
Beautiful Alpacas


Alpaca yarn is a luxurious and versatile fiber that is perfect for creating cozy and warm items such as rugs. Alpaca yarn is made from the fleece of the alpaca, a domesticated South American mammal that produces one of the softest and warmest fibers in the world.

Using alpaca yarn to create rugs is a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and warmth to any room in your home. Alpaca yarn is incredibly soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with sensitive skin. It is also durable and long-lasting, which means that your alpaca yarn rug will last for many years to come.


Alpacas create the warmest, most natural yarn in existence.

You can choose from various styles and designs when creating rugs out of alpaca yarn. An alpaca rug is perfect whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern and contemporary. You can also choose from various colors, from soft and subtle shades to bold and vibrant hues.

One of the benefits of using alpaca yarn for rugs is that it is naturally insulating, which means that it will help to keep your home warm and cozy during the colder months. It is also naturally moisture-wicking, which will help keep your home dry and comfortable all year round.

If you are looking for a luxurious and stylish way to add warmth and comfort to your home, consider using alpaca yarn to create beautiful rugs. With their softness, durability, and natural insulation, alpaca rugs are an excellent investment you will enjoy for years.

Alpaca Story
Alpaca Story

Painter's Eye, Weavers's Hand

I started using oil paints when I was 15 years old. I love the smell of it, the textures I can create, and the richness of color in every brushstroke. Replicating oil-painted brushstrokes with woven textiles is no simple assignment. However, combining rich textures and colors on the heads of silk fibers may be the perfect match. In this work, I have chosen Tibetan hand-knotting as my medium. The varying levels of texture made by hand knotting the monochrome dyed shades of silk express the depth and sophistication of painted brushstrokes on a canvas.

Brush Works Story



Jakub Painting
Blue and Green Brushstroke Rug
Jakub painting

Texture and Color

This design simulates hand-painted brushstrokes with hand-spun silk for a stunning finished product; swirling, swarming shades of silk brushstrokes overlap to create a lively and expressive surface. Combined with the depth of hand-knotted textures, the richness of silk invites warmth into the space and looks as beautiful as a modern master's oil painting.

Brushwoks Story
Modern Antiques Rug


Modern Antiques Story
Modern Antiques Rug
Modern Antiques Rug
Modern Antiques Rug
Modern Antiques Rug

I began weaving as a teenager, just as a stepping stone to becoming a painter. At some point, weaving completely overtook my desire to paint. Now I see what I do as painting in 3 dimensions. Like any painter, I have profound respect for old masterpieces.

Throughout my college years, I had a job restoring antique carpets. Not only did I learn a great deal from this experience, but I grew an intimate appreciation for antiques. This collection is my homage to ancient masters weavers and their techniques. Combining old weaving techniques and oxidations that simulate the effects of passing time, we can emulate antique rugs with some of my favorite graphic patterns and painterly designs.

As an artist and weaver, connecting modernity with history is one of the most thrilling aspects of my work.

Jakub at Work


Modern Antiques Story
Modern Antiques Story
Beauty and the Robot

As technology and artificial intelligence becomes increasingly common in daily life, we find ourselves further removed from our organic reality. This dynamic inspired a fascinating experiment juxtaposing nature and technology in art.  

The idea for this artistic flooring piece comes from digitized images of red blood cells. In the past, making a carpet or tapestry like this would only be possible by hand. Now we can feed digital images to a robot capable of producing beautiful and textural works of art entirely out of natural yarns. 



The Robot at work
Beauty and The Robot
Robot Tufting Machine
Cutting threads from rug

The natural mohair and eucalyptus fibers create lush carpets with perfectly detailed red blood cells. The carpet is finished by experienced weavers that clip loose threads, giving it a human touch.

Bloodcell Rug
Red Blood Cells Inspriation




Red blood cells are symbolic of all the organic shapes found in nature, even inside us! By programming a robot to tuft a carpet made of digitized images of red blood cells, we combine nature, art, technology, and human achievements results are absolutely gorgeous.  

beauty and the robot
Introducing the MOST PLANET
Pure Runner

In a world challenged by global warming and rising sea levels, J.D. Staron has taken action; by creating the world’s most eco-friendly collection of rugs. At the forefront of extreme environmentalism, founder Jakub Staron has created a product that is completely chemical-free, hand-woven and hand-washed without compromising the tactile and pleasing sensory experience that rugs produce. 

Jakub Weaving and Teaching

WEAVING is one of humankind’s oldest skills and has played a critical role in every ancient society. J.D. Staron has embraced the classical roots of the trade by employing techniques free of chemicals and external power sources. Returning to the original form of weaving has allowed us to produce a sustainable and planet-friendly collection. 

Pure Rug

J.D. Staron yarn comes from free-grazing sheep. It is hand-clipped, hand-washed, and hand-spun. We don’t use chemicals, dye, or soap. Our rugs are entirely hand-knotted to perfection with naturally processed yarns. To finish the process and soften the pile, we rewash them in pure water and organic oil from neem plants.

Jakub Washing Wool in River
Jakub picking out colors
Weaver behind the scenes

“We all rise together.”

This is the ethos that led 2019 to the formation of Interior Collab - a community-focused online platform created by Interior Designers for Interior Designers. Its primary goal is to provide its members with a supportive, ethical, and transparent network that empowers designers, fosters creativity, and gives them the tools for growth.

Recognizing shared values, JD Staron – a leading maker of bespoke rugs for over 20 years under the creative leadership of Jakub and Gosia Staron – proudly signed on as Interior Collab’s first Vendor Partner in 2021.


We are excited to present the first collaboration project based on designs submitted by members of Interior Collab that tell a story about the transition between light and shadows, Introducing Interior Collab x JD Staron, Capsule I: Shadow Play.

Ahmad Abouzanat Halo
Ahmad Abouzanat / PROJECT AZ
Emi Young / Abundant Habitat
Hope Scully / HHS Interior Design
Sophie Girard / Sophie Girard Designs
Gianna Marzella / Gia Mar Interiors
BDNY 2022
Jakub_BDNY Development_edited.jpg

Tufted, Axminister, Axminister with Over-Tuft, and Printed textures seamlessly transitioned throughout our colorful, multi-quality rug to show the range of our abilities. Inspired by modern graffiti, the unique shape and varying pile heights were employed to create a stunning structure of intertwined organic shapes rising from the floor and reaching all the way to the top of the booth. Realistic spraypainted brushstrokes playfully danced across the tactile surfaces.

A Carpet To Remember

JD Staron is known for its creative explorations, so despite BDNY’s focus on the ostensibly mundane hospitality industry, we were determined to vault ourselves into the forefront of this highly competitive event. To showcase our ingenuity, owner and creative director Jakub Staron conceived a three-dimensional carpet reminiscent of a mighty tree trunk sprouting from the earth using an array of carpeting qualities.

Jakub working on the project model

image 183.png

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the talented and creative duo behind Very Gay Paint. We love their unique Very Gay aesthetic: their designs, deftly combining retro motifs, geometric shapes, bold sweeping lines, and landscapes, all are clean and playful. With our technical expertise, we have translated VGP’s vision into a beautiful collection of rugs that will bring color, levity, playfulness, and unbridled joy into your spaces.

“While we’ve long specialized in murals on the vertical plane, at Very Gay Paint, we believe that the floor is the gayest wall of the home, and we find it to be grossly under-celebrated. That’s why we’ve spent the past year interviewing floors around the world. Hearing their unique stories has allowed us to gauge their needs in a way we never could anticipate, and we’ve found a persisting undercurrent from each floor we spoke to. The floors are, predictably, gay. All of them. More unpredictably, however, we found that many floors are frustrated at having been left cold and bald for, sometimes, their entire lifespan. Cold and bald is no way to leave a floor. That’s why we’ve launched this incredible collaboration with JD Staron to provide incredible wigs (they keep insisting we call them rugs?) for floors. These rugs celebrate the warm, rich tones of hairstyles we know and love, with graphic tributes to their waves and curls. We hope your gay floors love their gay wigs. We are doing god’s work here.” – Very Gay Paint

Dallas Showhouse 2022

The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club has been functioning since 1973. Members of the club decided to fundraise for underprivileged New York City children by creating the Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Fast forward to 2022, and they are running events in New York, Palm Beach & Dallas. Thousands of vogue designers who influence global fashion have taken part in this cause. JD Staron is proud to have been part of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club 3rd annual show house in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Showhouse - PROJECT AZ
Photography by: Nathan Schroeder
Designer: PROJECT AZ

Our wonderful carpet perfectly accentuates a wellness room designed by Ahmad AbouZanat from PROJECT AZ, that breaks away from the norm. Energetic and vivid colors adorn the entire space, ensuring a tranquil aura.

Dallas Showhouse
Dallas Showhouse
Dallas Showhouse
Dallas Showhouse
Dallas Showhouse

This is just a small glimpse of some of the projects created by talented designers. 
Visit Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse to view all the participants in this year's showhouse.

ICFF 2022

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair

ICFF 2022 was such an exciting event to be a part of.  We were able to showcase so many different projects. JDS x VGP collection of area rugs features the clean and playful geometric motifs created by Very Gay Paint,  a popular mural studio founded by LA comedians Nicholas Sheppard and Jenson Titus. 

Not only did we have our new Brushstroke and Glow, but we also had our collaboration with Interior Collab, which are so happy they were able to see their concepts come to life. 

This year's ICFF was really a memorable one!

Interior Collab with Jakub Staron and Scott Maltzman. 

Scott Maltzman from our NY Showroom, Jakub Staron, Molly Maffei from our LA Showroom

ICFF 2022
Hello New York!

December 2020

With showrooms in Los Angeles, Paris, and half a dozen other cities across the US, it is only fitting that we are back in Manhattan. Plus being so close to Brooklyn where it all began 18 years ago.

We are New Yorkers, which means we dream big and work hard. We love our city and we think it is the most vibrant, and inspiring place on the planet. 

"Brave, creative, and's just us."

-Jakub Staron, December 2020

I have to admit turning an empty shell into this beautiful and functional showroom has been a challenge. Working on a construction project during COVID time is most certainly not easy.

Our new location in New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue is beautiful, inviting, and filled with creativity and creative energy. 

Our new showroom will not only feature samples of over 10,000 different designs and textures, but it will also have a designated design studio allowing architects and designers to work directly with our artists to create custom rugs and carpets for the most discerning clientele all around the world. 

New York Design Center

JD Staron - NY Showroom

200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 510

New York, NY 10016

Tel: 212.203.9113

A New Baby

An addition to the JD Staron family, a LA flagship.

Our lovely LA showroom is located in the renowned Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. 

Our new showroom is definitely something to be proud of. Beautiful bright, and spacious space I have designed. It's a perfect backdrop for over 10,000 samples of our most popular creations. 

The most impressive space and has the most amazing crew!

 Molly Maffei, Aida Aghabegian, and Bill Gillis are the most welcoming talented professional team one could possibly wish for. Their dedication and hands-on attitude can turn even the most complex projects into a pleasant creative adventure. 

We have a full bar!!!

A novel approach to designing carpets. 

Since its inception, JD STARON has been an exclusive and dedicated trade partner. Now we took our approach to the next level by setting up a weaver studio where every project can be easily conceived and followed through. Our weaver/designer on staff will guide you through the design process, and the choice of the most suitable and countless available patterns. 

....and we have a full bar!!!!

I thought I'd mentioned it again LOL

Pacific Design Center

JD Staron - LA Showroom

8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B538

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Tel: 425.279.9541

Old World Weavers

With the fleeting charm of the whole world, one would be surprised how present it still is in machine weaving.

Lost jewels of the Industrial Age.

Whether it is in Europe, the US, or in Asia, the power looms of the old times are still present and working hard. I have been lucky enough to visit a couple of factories where old looms are still in use. 

It is an unforgettable experience. Those old machines made out of wood and cast iron seem to work as hard as the people who operate them. The experience of seeing those machines is as tactile as the fine fabrics they still make. 

In the search for authentic old technologies. We went even further. As a textile-making technician, I have learned how to make a carpet on looms made in the 1900s. They were beautiful handmade wooden jacquard looms that could very well belong in a museum and were so tiny, only about 1m wide. The idea stayed with me for all those years. If only we could replicate the seemingly irreplaceable beauty of old hand-loomed jacquards...


JD STARON hand-looms in India.

Well...we did. We have built the biggest hand-operated jacquard looms in the world. Using 18th-century technology, virtually unchanged except for some obvious modifications. We now operate authentic Jacquard looms of unprecedented width of 6.7m (22ft)! JD STARON is capable of making the biggest continuously woven hand-loomed jacquard carpets in the world. Approximately 22' x 100'

Making Things

There is nothing more exciting than the act of creation.

"I'm a painter and a weaver. I guess I have never been really good at either, but the combination of both skills has proven to be absolutely explosive.

I have to admit I'm one of the luckiest people in the world that my work is my passion and my joy.
It is such a thrill to be able to create freely and at the same time, being able to be a part of so many great interior design projects."  

-Jakub Staron

The Art of Weaving

When taking a closer look at the art of weaving, one realizes that it is the art of making something out of literally nothing. It is just a string of fiber when you really think about it.

Compared to painting, it is like stretching a canvas, grinding pigments, and working on the brushstrokes, all at the same time. It is a delicate and sublime fusion of painting and sculpture. 

We are artists, designers, and weavers. A network of passionate craftsmen whose lives became intertwined with the art of weaving. 

Unlike any other carpet company in the world, we keep all the work processes entirely in-house. Together with a small group of passionate enthusiasts, Jakub personally works on every design, picks fibers, and works at the looms. 

JD STARON grew out of Jakub's design studio. Almost twenty years later, we are as passionate and committed to our ideals of art and hands-on craftsmanship as we have ever been. We simply love what we do. 

Magic of Nepal

On the way to Everest...

Sky scraping peaks of the Himalayas

Gigantic sheer cliffs of the mountains reminisce of our insignificance and fragility faced with the raw power of nature.

The village of Lukla is accessible only by foot or helicopter.

The opulence of local yarns is intoxicating. Inspired by the beauty of ethnic textiles, I just want to sit with the locals and weave. 

Spirits Of The Mountains.

I am madly in love with the art of Tanka. These paintings are made by Buddhist Monks. They are both a form of art and meditation. They are also a visual way to pass on Buddhist Mythology and its teachings. 

The deep and vivid colors combined with incredibly meticulous drawings, unveil an ancient universe of pure magic. 

Tibetan Rugs

Our Tibetan collection focuses on the use of different weaving methods and the unparalleled beauty of hand-dyed Tibetan yarns. Inspired by Nepal, we have used designs ranging from traditional Tibetan to artistic abstracts. Exotic yarns such as Handspun-Silk, Aloe, and Tibetan Wool are used to create an unforgettable mosaic of different styles and genres. A true reflection of J.D. Staron's creativity.

An example of Tanka, which is Buddhist meditative painting.

Home away from home.

I visit Nepal at least twice a year and have done so for the past 20 years. My stay in Kathmandu is always the highlight of my trips. I love sitting with the locals at the looms, experimenting with different yarns and weaving techniques. An incredible variety of materials, combined with the artistry of local masters, is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Kathmandu is my favorite place to create the most innovative textiles.

Magic of Nepal

Absolute Amazement

When I walked up to the second floor for the first time, I think I stood there motionless in absolute amazement for at least half an hour.

Unicorns in Paris!

There is a place, a magical place, hidden away on the upper floor of a small boutique in Paris with almost two hundred years of existence. Deyrolle is a modern-day cabinet of curiosities. This place is a well-kept secret. Should you walk by the boutique, or even on the ground floor, you would never imagine the unexpected treasure trove hiding just above your head on the second floor. 

Specialized in Taxidermy and entomology, Deyrolle is filled with fascinating creatures, both real and imagined. 

At Deyrolle's you will find all kinds of curiosities...

From insect collections to a large Rhinoceros to flying Owls. There is also an extensive and fascinating collection of books for sale on natural history. Deyrolle's collections are a unique source of inspiration for artists and collectors alike or even an interior designer who is looking for something really unusual and uniquely beautiful. 

It is certainly a must-see! It has been an inspiration for countless artists. From Salvador Dalí to Woody Allen to Ken Fulk.

I would love to spend a night there...

Deyrolle is a genuine source of inspiration.

It is a destination for lovers of natural science and for all curious people. Not only can you visit their marvelous collection for free, but you can purchase something from the exhibits should the desire strike. What Deyrolle does well, is keeping alive the memory of these animals.