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“We all rise together.”

This is the ethos that led 2019 to the formation of Interior Collab - a community-focused online platform created by Interior Designers for Interior Designers. Its primary goal is to provide its members with a supportive, ethical, and transparent network that empowers designers fosters creativity, and gives them the tools for growth.

Recognizing shared values, JD Staron – a leading maker of bespoke rugs for over 20 years under the creative leadership of Jakub and Gosia Staron – proudly signed on as Interior Collab’s first Vendor Partner in 2021.


We are excited to present a piece of that partnership, the first collaboration project, based on designs submitted by members of Interior Collab, that tells a story about light and shadows, the transition from dark to light introducing Interior Collab x JD Staron, Capsule I: Shadow Play.

Meet The Designers


Ahmad Abouzanat



Emi Young

Abundant Habitat


Hope Scully

HHS Interior Design


Sophie Girard

Sophie Girard Designs

Gianna Marzella_Dappled Light_Profile Photo.jpg

Gianna Marzella

Gia Mar Interiors

Ahmad Abouzanat From Project AZ

Ahmad Abouzanat / PROJECT AZ

Ahmad is a New York-based designer, founder of PROJECT AZ, and co-founder of Interior Collab. Interior Designer by education and practice,  Ahmad continues to work on projects in various cities around the world, held jobs as a furniture and product designer and lighting product and project designer for a few years.  Ahmad draws inspiration from his clients’ lifestyles for projects and the beauty of nature and its elements for products while placing functionality at the forefront of every design conversation.



“The Halo Collection is inspired by the solar eclipse, a phenomenon that highlights nature’s utmost contrast of light and shadow at one given moment and reveals a beautiful transition of colors. The collection aims to mimic that moment and show a playfulness in texture that gives the pieces visual richness and depth.”

Emi Young From Abundant Habitat

Emi Young / Abundant Habitat

Emi is the founder of Abundant Habitat, a Brooklyn, NY-based design studio, and is also a founding member of Interior Collab. An NYSID graduate, she hails a background in luxury hospitality and restaurant design and has a discerning eye for noteworthy details. She infuses Feng Shui concepts, ergonomics, and wellness into holistically curated designs. She gravitates towards orderly yet fluid spaces by embracing asymmetry and pairing unexpected elements that ultimately convey a satisfying balance.



“Structured Chaos was inspired by the holistic beauty of life’s dualities. The juxtaposition of lightness and darkness, stillness and movement, and angles and curves create a dynamic statement piece that feels both modern and timeless.”

Hope Scully From HHS Interior Design

Hope Scully / HHS Interior Design

Hope Scully is principal and founder of HHS Interior Design, serving the NY Metropolitan area, and is a founding director of Interior Collab. A graduate of the Pratt Institute, she has a Masters in Interior Architecture and holds NCIDQ certification. She began her design career in commercial design with some of the top firms in New York and then started HHS to bring her unique design approach to a residential client base. Hope is a multi-talented designer who believes in the power of design to transform her clients’ lives.



“Inspired by silhouettes created by the architecture around the city, I noticed there was beauty in the corners and crevices in dark and light spaces and how they interact with each other with layers of color and texture.”


Sophie Girard / Sophie Girard Designs

Sophie Girard is a small design studio based in Quogue, NY, working on private residences and commercial spaces throughout the Hamptons, New York, and Connecticut. Principal and Founder Sophie was born in Paris, France, and studied design at the New York School of Interior Design. She has worked for various interior designers and architects in New York City before founding her design studio in 2012.