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    All Collections Style Color Fast Track Eco Conscious Signature Collections The epitome of our brand. Transcending the limits of our craft. Pure Urban Vibes Stowe Signature Lavish Zander De Stijl Terai Tibetan Skye St Tropez Mid-Century Kilim Knubbe Tibetan Collections Pure Silk and Himalayan wool hand knotted heirlooms. Peregrine LATEST COLLECTION! Mid Century Fast Track Tibetan Rugs - QUICK SHIP - Snow Leopard Bhutan Handmade Tibetan Rugs - QUICK SHIP - Tibetan Weave Makala Acadia Monteray Stowe Impressions Moroccan Textures Inspired by vintage Moroccan rugs. Amara Soho Terai Makala Mohair Moroccan Moroccan - QUICK SHIP - Oasis Solid Moroccan Textures - QUICK SHIP - Moroccan Vibes Antique Reproductions Gems from the archives of woven history revived and reinterpreted for contemporary interiors. Antique Agra with Fur Baku Zander Antique Agra with Mohair Oushak Deco Chiara Coarse Antique Agra Signature Ankara Tuileries Floral Kilim Hindu Kush Amulet-The Classics Bhutan Zander Antique Reproductions Abstract Collections Abstract Collections Aesthetically driven creations woven in the finest materials. Acadia Snow Leopard Onyx Gradient Amulet - Modern Abstract Tibetan Fantasia Omari Mixed Weaves Collections Texture forward masterpieces with personality. Mixed Weaves Collection Tatami Ibiza Knubbe Lumiere St Tropez Aura Oakbluff - QUICK SHIP - Pile Needlepoint Amara De Stjil Bhutan Andre Makala Terai Zelda Adam Tufted Collections Timeless luxury of fine yarns enhanced by the speed and precision of modern technology. Tufted Collctons Alpaca Signature Tufted Outdoor Tufted Le Marais Lavish Boho Toledo Air & Sea Flatweave Collections From timeless kilims to modern geometrics, flatweaves are a perfect canvas for woven art. Linus Dania - QUICK SHIP - Aubusson Nouveau Aura Swedish Kilim Sanibel Java Mid-Century Kilim Knubbe Performance Flatweave Kilim Floral Kilim Tulum Fllatweave Collections Solid Textures Collections Solid rugs allow the beauty of the fiber to take center stage. Solid Textues Collections Adair QUICK SHIP Adair ll Adair Sumak El Dorado ViA Edith Elena Ziva Malibu Custom Silk Lane Crosscut Leonora Recycled Sari Silk Amora Solid Textures Distressed Solids Amulet - Zen Shakti Lucid Desert Jupiter Natural Fiber Collections The unique variations in natural materials make each rug a singular treasure. Oakbluff - QUICK SHIP - Andre Ibiza Agave Leather & Hides Collections Soft, rugged leather and hide rugs bring unexpected texture and timeless style to any space. Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Lush Torguud Sedona Boho Fur Outdoor Collections Our signature aesthetic is durable, weatherproof weaves and a vibrant, expressive color palette. Performance Flatweave Outdoor Tufted

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    CONTACT US At JD Staron, we are Dream Weavers, infusing expertise into every creation to bring your most ambitious visions to life. Imagine any shape, size, fiber, weave, or color, and let us bring the essence of your imagination to fruition. RUG STYLE: MOHAIR 80 KNOT, CAN BE FOUND UNDER BESPOKE COLLECTION CREATE YOUR RUG, YOUR WAY ASK A QUESTION Curious about a design in our collection, want to find out more about rug samples, or looking for a quote? Send us your questions and one of our team members will be more than happy to help! ASK A QUESTION SCHEDULE A VISIT! At JD Staron we proudly offer premier creative services, seamlessly blending tailor-made artistry with craftsmanship and modern innovation. Truly Bespoke is an invitation to embark on a journey of unparalleled creativity with us. Each rug is a testament to JD Staron’s unwavering commitment to excellence and a demonstration of the potential in our client’s ideas. Handcrafted with intention and care, every piece stands as a unique work of art. SCHEDULE A VISIT! ASK A QUESTION Send us your rug query and one of our experienced designers will respond YOUR DETAILS FULL NAME* EMAIL* PHONE YOUR QUERY Your Preferred Store Design Firm Rug Size Fiber Preference What would you like our help with* I would like to receive JD Staron news letter! Submit QUESTION FORM COME VISIT US! We cordially invite you to visit our showrooms, conveniently located in Stamford, Boston, NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Laguna. Our exquisite collection of rugs is best experienced in person, where you can see and feel the quality and craftsmanship that sets us apart. We look forward to welcoming you and a personalized shopping experience. SHOWROOM DETAILS SCHEDULE A VISIT YOUR DETAILS FULL NAME EMAIL* PHONE YOUR ARRIVAL SHOWROOM VISIT Date picker* Time* : AM ANY ADDITIONAL REQUESTS Submit SCHEDULE FORM


    / BESPOKE HOME / LUSH Lush Collection Lush Collection Lush Collection 1/2 LUSH DESCRIPTION Introducing the Lush Collection, a luxurious addition to any space. Handmade with care in Turkey, this faux skin rug boasts a plush feel and elegant appearance. Made with high-quality polyester, it's designed to withstand everyday wear and tear while maintaining its soft texture. Perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your living room, bedroom, or office, the Lush Collection promises to elevate your space with its exquisite design and luxurious feel. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in comfort and style. PRODUCT INFORMATION Material Content: Polyester Type: Faux Skin Maximum Width: No Limit Sample Production Time: 4 Weeks Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 10-12 Weeks + Shipping Custom Colors/Designs: Not Available REQUEST A QUOTE Lush II - 65076 - Carmel Lush II - 65080 - Seal White Lush II - 65079 - Seal Silver Lush II - 65078 - Seal Sand Lush II - 65077 - Seal Carbon Lush - 58752 Lush - 58751 Lush - 58750 Lush - 58420 Lush - 58419 Lush - 58418 Lush - 58417 Lush - 58416 Lush - 58415 Lush - 58414 Lush - 58413 Lush - 58412 Lush - 58411 Lush - 58410 Lush - 58409

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