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  • J.D. Staron | Luxury Custom Carpets | United States

    PROUDLY INTRODUCING JD Staron x VGP We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the talented and creative duo behind Very Gay Paint. Using their clean and playful aesthetic and with our technical expertise and vision, we have translated them into a beautiful collection of rugs. View BESPOKE UPCYCLING BROADLOOM WORLD OF JDS INVENTORY INTERIOR COLLAB HOSPITALITY VERY GAY PAINT PROJECTS Our homes are our sanctuaries now more than ever. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, we are here to assist you with any project you may have. We invite you to be inspired by some of the projects we've had the pleasure to be a part of. VIEW SHOWROOMS Whether on the East Coast, West Coast, or Internationally, J.D. Staron is more than a showroom. It is a boutique—a design studio specializing in the development of new and unique products exclusive to the design trade. The Staron brand takes pride in presenting the best and most creative custom carpets and broadloom to our partners in the design industry. VIEW OUR STORY J.D. Staron is so much more than a carpet showroom. We are a boutique design studio specializing in developing new and unique floor coverings. Under the creative direction of Designer and Master Weaver Jakub Staron, our internationally recognized brand proudly produces the finest and most creative custom carpets and broadlooms exclusively catering to Interior Designers and Architects. J.D. Staron offers personalized service to meet each individual’s design needs through all stages of even the most complex projects. VIEW CONTACT US Choose A Showroom arrow&v Submit Thank you for submitting!


    / BESPOKE HOME 1/2 HAND TUFTED COLLECTION DESCRIPTION J.D. Staron’s hand-tufted carpets are made with the finest fibers combined with custom-finishing techniques. Our masterful hand-tufters have the skills required to craft the finest quality carpets and rugs. With a variety of available techniques, any type of texture and dimension can be achieved. PRODUCT INFORMATION Material Content: Wool, Nylon, Linen Maximum Width: Unlimited Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 8-10 Weeks + Shipping Custom Colors/Designs: Available REQUEST A QUOTE ID# 48894 ID# 48893 ID# 48895 ID# 49051 ID# 49052 ID# 49053 ID# 49054 ID# 49055


    / BESPOKE HOME 1/5 KNUBBE DESCRIPTION The Knubbe collection is all about the weave. J.D. Staron has taken an ancient Soumak weaving method, and reinvented it! Our modern Soumaks are reminiscent of the rustic look of old American hooked rugs. Innovative contemporary and geometric patterns are brought into play along with modern color combinations. Our creativity did not end there, now the same look is available in the Tufted technique for increased speed of production. The Knubbe collection look is also available in an outdoor version. PRODUCT INFORMATION Material Content: All Wool, Nylon, or Blend of Bamboo W ool & Linen Type: Handwoven & Available in Tufted Maximum Width: 22ft Handwoven or Unlimited in Tufted Sample Production Time: 3-4 Weeks Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 10-12 Weeks (Handwoven) or 8-10 Weeks (Tufted) + Shipping Custom Colors/Designs: Available REQUEST A QUOTE PRM-1012,-08,-2016 Design# 22 Design #20 KB105-21240 Design #18 Design #17 ID# 38500 KB113 KB10 KB12 KB19 KB08B KB05 KB04 ID# 30648 ID# 30639 ID# 30379 Design# 21 ID# 38499 KB14A ID# 30543 -1002-08-2016 ID# 11853 KB16 ID# 15651 ID# 11849 KB12 ID# 11852 KB13 KB03 KB06

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