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J.D. Staron was born twenty years ago from Gosia’s business savvy and Jakub’s restless creativity. Jakub blends historic and innovative weaves with an impressive array of unconventional materials to deliver a steady stream of innovative floor coverings. Under his creative direction, we dream of creating the most remarkable rugs and carpets for discerning interior designers and architects across the globe. Exclusively available to the design trade, J.D. Staron’s carpets are produced with passion, pride, and unmatched sophistication. 

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Gosia Staron is the co-founder and managing partner of JD Staron, LLC and Rebel Carpets. After obtaining an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, she started her career as a management consultant and a project manager while supporting her husband in pursuing his dream of creating a design studio for the most exquisite carpets and rugs. Her career allowed her to gain understanding and experience in running a business, from marketing to operations. This experience allowed her to focus on growing J.D. Staron from one design studio to a network of showrooms and later a distribution company.


Jakub D. Staron is the co-founder and a creative force behind J.D. Staron, LLC, and Rebel Carpets, two premier floor-covering companies with a master's in fine arts and textile making, uniquely positions Jakub to be a leader and innovator in this ancient industry. Jakub is a weaver, designer, and artist who masterfully blends historic weaves and styles with his creative techniques, unconventional materials, and concepts to honor and break traditions and continuously deliver impressive designs and textures. 

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We are a family, and we’ve been working together for almost 20 years. And whether some of us are New York designers, South American yarn spinners, or weavers in Nepal, we share a common dream of combining our knowledge, traditions, and experience to create the most remarkable collection of floor coverings in the world. 
We work with the most experienced weavers in some of the world’s most remote communities. They weave our rugs with passion and pride. We are all friends and partners, a family of craftsmen. We spend a lot of time together. At JD Staron, we are weavers and artists at heart, driven by a passion for preserving traditions and promoting sustainability. Through this dedication, we honor both the craftsmen who create our products and our customers who enjoy them, fostering a legacy of quality, integrity, and mindful innovation. Together, we are weaving a brighter, more sustainable future.

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