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Needlepoint Rug Production

Needlepoint Has Been Around
Since the Dawn of Civilization

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used small, slanted stitches to sew together canvas tents. In 17th century Florence, needlepoint embroidery developed into upright flat stitches laid out in numerical patterns creating elaborate motifs called Bargello. This needlepoint style is similar to what we would see on contemporary fabrics and floor coverings. However, needlepoint embroidery is in decline due to the rise of fast fashion and the prohibitive costs of producing tedious, hand-stitched textiles. 


Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug Production
Needlepoint Rug

Introducing Our Exclusive

Handmade Needlepoint Collection, Lisbon

We are reviving needlepoint embroidery here at JD Staron, using this nearly forgotten technique in the floor-covering industry; each rug is meticulously crafted, making a statement in any room. These rugs are designed and created with a mix of textures and colors, giving each rug a distinct personality with deep roots in history. This needlepoint technique allows for intricate details and precision, making these rugs one-of-a-kind works of art. 


The Lisbon collection is a curated selection of unique, visually striking designs applied on carefully re-created historic textures handcrafted by skilled artisans. 


  • Quality: Hand Woven

  • Material Content: Wool

  • Maximum Width: 16ft

  • Sample Production Time: 5 Weeks

  • Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 16 Weeks + Shipping

  • Custom Colors:  Yes

Lisbon Collection Info
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