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Tatami - 55350 - NFM25B

The Tatami collection is a beautifully crafted handmade rug perfect for any contemporary living space. Handwoven using a flatweave technique, this rug is made from a unique combination of banana silk and wool, resulting in a soft and durable texture. The use of natural materials like sunpat ensures that this rug is eco-friendly and sustainable. Available in a range of colors, the Tatami collection is a bespoke piece that will add warmth and style to any home. 

Tatami - 55350 - NFM25B

SKU: 55350
  • Quality:

    Handwoven Flatweave

  • Material Content:

    Banana Silk, Wool, Sunpat

  • Max Width:


  • Sample Production Time:

    6 Weeks

  • Rug Production Time up to 10'x14':

    10-12 Weeks + Shipping

  • Custom Colors/Designs:


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