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Tibetan Mountains


Our hearts are in Nepal—atop the world's highest mountain peaks, across pristine lakes and picturesque landscapes, and deep inside ancient temples and quaint villages. We love Nepal, and preserving its culture and history is at the heart of our business. The tradition of harvesting natural fibers to be dyed and spun into yarn is a skill set learned over many years and passed down through generations. This practice predates trade on the Silk Road by 2,000+ years, so preserving these traditions is essential to keeping the culture of Nepal and the weaving industry alive. 

Religious Site
Tibetan Women Laughing
Tibetan Monks
Boudha, Nepal

That's why we have partnered with Nepalese communities by providing resources to educate the new generations of young people in Nepal. Refugees escaping China's Tibet are empowered to run schools for their children and youth in the community. Our goal is to help preserve the history and culture of Nepal for many generations to come and continue its awe-inspiring legacy of trade.

School for Tibetan Children

Tibetan Children
Tibetan Children
Tibetan Children
Tibetan Charity Donation Fund
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