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Our bespoke Axminster program brings together your color and design combinations to complement any project, regardless of the requirements or budget.


Select any yarn color from our own palettes, or achieve the exact color match required for your project. Using the Pantone color reference will make getting the perfect color for your project a simple and straightforward process.


Simply send in a sketch, image, or rendering, and our design team will work with you along the way. From planning to production, and finally, to installation, we can take any idea and materialize it into reality.

Construction: Woven Axminster

Yarn Type:  80% Wool, 20% Nylon

Tex and Yarn Count: 750/3 Tex 2/42’s Dewsbury

Backing: Polyester/Polypropylene


*Based on customer or project needs, a different mill may be used and technical specifications can be provided.

airport rug display
Pitch x Rows
7 x 8
7 x 9
7 x 10
7 x 11
7 x 12
Pile Height
0.276 in
0.276 in
0.276 in
0.276 in
0.276 in
Pile Weight
36.2 oz/sy
40.7 oz/sy
45.3 oz/sy
49.8 oz/sy
54.3 oz/sy
Total Thickness
0.354 in
0.354 in
0.354 in
0.354 in
0.354 in
Total Weight
60.8 oz/sy
65.4 oz/sy
71.3 oz/sy
74.1 oz/sy
77.0 oz/sy

Listed above are basic specifications.

Based on the needs of projects specifications can be adjusted.

Designs & Patterns

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