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Since its inception, J.D. STARON has been synonymous with luxury and design excellence. Under the leadership of weaver, designer, and artist Jakub Staron, it has always been dedicated to working solely with design professionals. Introducing about 600 new designs every year, JD STARON supplies leaders of the industry with an endless stream of revolutionary textures and designs. 


J.D. STARON uses only the finest and rarest yarns, handpicked from some of the world’s most remote places. J.D. STARON’s carpets and rugs anchor the interiors of some of the most sophisticated and prestigious homes all around the world.

J.D. STARON HOSPITALITY brings the same hands-on creativity and experience to the demanding architecture of hospitality and commercial spaces. Whether it is a hotel lobby, yacht, jet, or restaurant, J.D. STARON can create a unique floor covering of commercial-grade carpet to satisfy any project. From the simplest Axminster carpets; to the most creative multi-textural composites; to replicas of antique rugs. J.D. STARON’s creations combined with the concierge service and the guidance of our expert sales team will make even the most complex projects simple and easy.

Dragon Rug


We made the product development process simple and easy. Start by simply sharing your vision and ideas.


Sketches of patterns, pictures of interiors, and other inspirations are usually enough to start the process.


We welcome your color suggestions which can be based on color chips or fabric swatches. You may also choose from hundreds of colors available in our pom boxes.


Based on that we will provide you with a detailed rendering created in our design studio.


After the CAD is approved, we will quickly proceed with sampling. In most cases, your samples can be made within a couple of weeks.


J.D. Staron’s experienced art department is capable of effortlessly overlaying custom patterns within any space layout, regardless of how complex the space may be.

J.D. Staron understands how critical and complicated the planning of the layout can be. Design and layout experts will effortlessly create seaming plans for your space, considering the installation process to achieve the best result for your project.

Rug Diagram
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