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Digitally dyeing blank carpet frees manufacturers from needing to manage an inventory of yarn colors and designs. With this, it is possible to create virtually any color and color gradation, which may not be possible with other types of carpet. This allows for lower lead times, as acquiring non-standard or custom colors is not necessary. 


Designing for a larger scale across multiple tiles is made easy with printed carpet. Printed carpet can be made to be perfect matches of each other, continue repeats or be completely different from one another allowing for new design and pattern capabilities. It is possible to print extremely accurate, and highly detailed patterns, on even the most specific locations.

Construction: Tufted, Cut Pile

Yarn Type: 100% Nylon or 100% Wool

Tex and Yarn Count: 750/3 Tex 2/42’s Dewsbury

Backing: Polypropylene

Secondary Backing: Action Back

Dye Method: Printed

Blue Luxury Rug
1/10 inch
1/10 inch
1/10 inch
1/10 inch
Pile Height
6mm ± 0.5mm
7mm ± 0.5mm
7mm ± 0.5mm
10mm ± 0.5mm
Pile Weight
850 g/sm (25 oz/sy)
100 g/sm (29.5 oz/sy)
1200 g/sm (35.4 oz/sy)
1380g/sm (40.7 oz/sy)
Total Thickness
7.5 ± 0.5mm
8.5 ± 0.5mm
8.5 ± 0.5mm
Total Weight
2050 g/sm (60.45 oz/sy)
2200 g/sm (64.9 oz/sy)
2400 g/sm (77.8 oz/sy)
2538 g/sm (74.8 oz/sy)
4m (13’2”)
4m (13’2”)
4m (13’2”)
4m (13’2”)

Listed above are basic specifications.

Based on the needs of the project specifications can be adjusted.

Designs & Patterns

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