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Bali - 9741 - TI-14K

Fresh, crisp, and exciting best describe the Bali collection. The hand-knotted silk pile texture has a luxurious look and feel, and the corduroy ribbing offers an interesting texture. The patterns are modern, plush, velvety versions of IKAT and abstract designs. The color palette is limitless. If you choose, you can add soft metallic colors for a little extra sparkle.

Bali - 9741 - TI-14K

  • Quality:

    Hand Knotted

  • Material Content:

    Wool, Silk, and Hemp

  • Max Width:


  • Sample Production Time:

     6-8 Weeks

  • Rug Production Time up to 10'x14':

    12-14 Weeks + Shipping 

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