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Fantasia - 33279 - AR5676

In Fantasia, dramatic distortions of shapes and color shifts produce dynamic designs. Lush, vivid materials, become beautiful handcrafted treasures. Fantasia is all about luxury, texture, and delight. In this collection, we have incorporated wool and hand-spun bamboo silk creating an intriguing combination of textures, upon which we applied a wide range of classic and contemporary designs.

Fantasia - 33279 - AR5676

SKU: 33279
  • Quality:

    Hand Knotted

  • Material Content:

    Wool and Bamboo Silk

  • Max Width:


  • Sample Production Time:

    6 - 8 Weeks

  • Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft:

    14 - 16 Weeks + Shipping

  • Custom Color/Design:


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