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Omari - 46274

Omari is a true masterpiece. Daring modern graphic designs find a perfect vehicle in the use of ancient materials. Omari rugs are made out of natural goat hair recycled from old weavings. The goat hair, combined with hemp, gives this collection irreplicable sophistication and cutting-edge beauty.

Omari - 46274

SKU: 46274
  • Quality:

    Turkish Hand Knotted

  • Material Content:

    Recycled Hemp, Goat Hair and Wool Accents

  • Max Width:


  • Rug Production Time up to 10'x14':

    14 - 16 Weeks + Shipping

  • Custom Colors/Designs:

    Available on Wool Accents Only

    *Goat Hair and Recycled Hemp used in this collection can not be dyed; however, custom-colored wool can be used as an accent.

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