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Whether it is a subtle pattern shift of Tibetan knotting, rows of textural braids, or the metallic glare of nylon tufts, we are focusing on the beauty of solids. Handcrafted, bold weaves from exotic yarns play with lustrous materials and endless textures on a truly modern scale. From the subtle spun silk velvets to extreme plush mohair shags, the range of our construction is unparalleled. Our network of yarn spinners and weavers reaches out to the most remote places on the planet putting the widest range of yarns and weaves in the world is at your disposal.


Material Content: Available in Tibetan Wool, Silk, New Zealand Wool, Mohair, Nylon, Aloe

Type: *Available in Hand-knotted, Tufted, or Hand-loomed

Maximum Width: 20ft - Unlimited depending on the production method

Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 8-12 Weeks + Shipping 

Custom Colors/Designs: Available

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