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The Knubbe collection is all about the weave. J.D. Staron has taken an ancient Soumak weaving method, and reinvented it! Our modern Soumaks are reminiscent of the rustic look of old American hooked rugs. Innovative contemporary and geometric patterns are brought into play along with modern color combinations.


Our creativity did not end there, now the same look is available in the Tufted technique for increased speed of production. The Knubbe collection look is also available in an outdoor version. 


Material Content: All Wool, Nylon, or  Blend of Bamboo Wool & Linen

Type: Handwoven & Available in Tufted

Maximum Width: 22ft Handwoven or Unlimited in Tufted

Sample Production Time: 3-4 Weeks

Rug Production Time up to 10ft x 14ft: 10-12 Weeks (Handwoven)  or 8-10 Weeks (Tufted) + Shipping

Custom Colors/Designs: Available

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